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Press Break Machine
FUTURA is the versatile machine par excellence, and it represents an outstanding quality/price ratio. The standard machine is provided with hydraulic crowning which guarantees precise and constant bends. Upon request, the dynamic crowning system DCS, is also available. The standard Futura is equipped with 2D colour videographic control with bending simulation and optimisation.

Unica is a simple press brake, essential to all appearances, but substantially precise and reliable. It has been designed for users who do not require extremely sophisticated technologies, as well as for productions in which the press brake has a limited function, and consequently requires a limited investment. UNICA too, stands out in its category, with technical features and performance. The standard machine is provided with a numerical (non graphic) 3 axes control system (Y1, Y2,
X) while the R axis is offered as an option. Manual or CNC controlled crowning system available on request.
Max. tonnage  1000 Ton
Bending length  6 mtrs
Crowning  with CNC controlled
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