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Plasma Cutting Machines
Warcom Plasma Cutting Machine is designed, which stands out for its high definition, technicalfeatures and absolutely important performances.
W-Power is the reference point for its category, thanks to its speed and cutting precision. The management is fully automatic and it is possible to
manually intervene at any phase.

The off-line software automatically creates the machine programming CAM, with advanced possibilities of choosing the nesting, parameters and cutting ways. The machine uses a Hyperterm, high definition generator, available in different capacities; the height-torch automatic control guarantees the correct distance between the nozzle and the material. The torch is floating, so in case of collision, the machine stops extremely safely.

Technical Features

  • Machine framework with guides on bench
  • Sucking section 666 mm x 3 (for each module)
  • HD generator HYPERTHERM
  • Z axis stroke: 150 mm
  • X axis speed: 50 mt/min (brushless motors)
  • Y axis speed: 70 mt/min (brushless motors)
  • Software with automatic nesting
  • Automatic torch height control by CNC
  • Gantry torch holder in ultralight aluminium
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